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We believe in children.

Children don't choose abuse. You can choose to stop it.

You can change the future of Australian children today.

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What we do

Barnardos Australia is a leading child protection charity, supporting families and children in need.

At Barnardos, we believe that every child deserves a safe and stable home free from abuse and neglect, with family members to love and care for them for all of their childhood.

Barnardos works to keep thousands of children safe within their own families - and for those children who can’t be kept safe, we find new homes, while still keeping them in touch with their origins. We continue to strive to find new ways of preventing child abuse and trauma.

Our children are our future.

Gifts for Kids Christmas Appeal

The Barnardos Gifts for Kids Christmas Gift Appeal believes every child deserves to feel joy and happiness during the festive season, and that no child should have to go without.

Collecting both cash and physical gifts, Barnardos Gifts for Kids supplies thousands of vulnerable Australian children with gifts so they too experience the joy of Christmas.

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Sponsor a vulnerable Australian child

For most of us, childhood was the easiest part of our lives, but for thousands of Australian children it can be the hardest. 

The children Barnardos helps have been exposed to very difficult circumstances in their young lives - violence, poverty, drugs and alcohol issues, mental illness, homelessness and disability. That's why we need you.

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