Barnardos Australia has created the Louise Voigt Award to honour Louise and acknowledge the outstanding contribution she has made to Barnardos and its work, during her 30 yrs as CEO and Director of Welfare.

Louise pioneered research and best practice program development in services for abused and vulnerable children, including family support, Children’s Family Centres and out of home care. Throughout her outstanding career she has been a highly respected and passionate advocate for child protection.

Louise’s specific wish was that this award be for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (TSI ) members of Barnardos staff, reflecting her long term commitment to supporting the development of high quality services for disadvantaged Aboriginal children and families, and the great need to support the ongoing professional development of skilled, Aboriginal workers in this field.

Barnardos as an organisation is committed to this vision, and hopes that this award will make a significant difference to the opportunities available to Aboriginal and TSI members of its staff.

The purpose of this award is to support the ongoing professional development of Barnardos’ Aboriginal and TSI staff in the child welfare field, so that they can contribute further to Barnardos work with vulnerable children and families.

The award will be valued at up to $30,000.