Mark’s story

The scale of the issue is
huge, but I can help children
heal from trauma.

Mark’s story

I had a really good start in life
I do what I do because that’s
what every child deserves.

Every 13 minutes*
in Australia
a child suffers
abuse or neglect

G’day, I’m Mark. I’m a program manager with Barnardos. I lead teams of people who work with vulnerable families, children and young adults.

There’s never a day that goes by in our office or our centres around the Central West where families don’t knock on the door, ring the door bell, come in and say, ‘Hey, I’m in crisis.’

If you go into your community with different eyes and allow your eyes to be open, you’ll see the trauma, you’ll see the disadvantage and you’ll see where perhaps where you can make a difference.

You know the experience of having a young person or a child say, ‘Hey Mark thanks.’ That just blows me away and it kind of puts you on this high and you can kind of… you can go home, you can hop on your bike and go riding and think, ‘Wow, someone’s actually said thank you for the work that you do.’

Barnardos Children Champion

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