Sydney Youth Services

Sydney Youth Services operates from three locations – Belmore and Marrickville Youth Resources Centres, and Camperdown.

There are four programs under Sydney Youth Services:

  1. Reconnect Program (Belmore and Marrickville offices) –
    reconnect is a free and confidential service for people living in the Canterbury and Marrickville local government areas. Based at both Belmore and Marrickville offices, it is an early intervention program for 12-18 years old who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The program aims to ‘reconnect’ teenagers to their families where possible.

  2. Streetwork Program (Belmore and Marrickville offices) –
    is an outreach program aimed at supporting young people 12-18 years old who have, or are at risk of, developing drug and alcohol issues and are not accessing mainstream drug and alcohol related services. The program provides support by contacting young people ‘on their turf and on their terms’. This work is carried out in the late afternoons and evenings around train stations, shopping centres, parks, and on the street… where young people hang out.

  3. Youth Program Officer (Belmore office) –
    the Early Intervention and Placement Prevention Program (EIPP) aims to support young people aged 12-18 years old and their families / carers who reside in the Canterbury local government area and are deemed to be ‘at risk’. The program has an outreach focus providing appropriate information, advice, referral and short term support to young people and their families / carers who are experiencing occasional problems.

  4. Joint Support Program. 
    In collaboration with Juvenile Justice NSW, Barnardos provides a casework support service to young people involved in the Juvenile Justice system. Young people are referred by the Burwood Juvenile Justice office to Barnardos for intensive pre-release (six weeks) and post release (12 weeks) support for issues such as employment, accommodation, school and income support. The program also aims to link those young people back into other services that aid their reintegration back into the community. Referrals are made solely by the Burwood Juvenile Justice Office.