Homelessness week takes place between August 6-12

28,191 people are experiencing homelessness in New South Wales. As of right now.

Barnardos Australia is one of the many organisations working to decrease that number during homelessness week between August 6-12.

With the help of Mudgee Centrelink and Verto, Barnardos put on a soup kitchen next to the Shell service station on Wednesday.

Barnardos is a national company but has a headquarters at Mudgee and offers a wide variety of service including:

  • Someone to talk to about the issues affecting your housing 
  • Advice and practical support 
  • Information about other services 
  • Linking you in with other supports in the community 
  • Accommodation assistance 

It can also help you if you:

  • Have nowhere to stay 
  • Have money problems 
  • Cannot pay your rent 
  • Are having problems with your partner or family 
  • Cannot understand your rental agreement 
  • Have problems with your landlord
  • Face challenges with drug and alcohol use 
  • Have mental health issues 
  • Or just need basic support 

For more information, contact Barnardos Mudgee on 6372 1422.

(This article first appeared in the Mudgee Guardian and was written by Jake Humphreys).