Kids give back in a major way

Kids give back to Barnardos Mudgee

Proudly donning Gerzurgans shirts, the kids presented Barnardos Mudgee with a cheque for $1000.

Backed by the Gerzurgans, a group of local kids have spent their spare time fundraising and on Saturday, February 27, presented a cheque for $1000 to Barnardos Mudgee.

Barnardos was chosen as the recipient for this year and Member Hank Roest said it was about teaching the next generation about generosity and hard work.

"I've been with the Gerzurgans since 1980 and we've always donated money to the town, our founding member Shelby started that off," Hank said.

"We give money to the ambos, to whoever needed it, but now we've got all these kids here and we want to teach them about helping people who aren't as well off as us. So that's the message today and that's why we want to give it to Barnardos, because Barnardos are for kids.

"We have also decided to raise money each year and give it to organisations or other people in need. We are the next generation of Gerzurgans and we are just doing what others have done in the past. Maybe if other people need it more in the future we will give it to them.

"Hopefully when all us old fellas fade away these kids will keep it going."

Barnardos Mudgee program manager Kate Cormie said they were moved by the donation and that the money will be well-spent.

"The money will go towards helping families and children that are homeless or at risk of homelessness in supplying them with basic needs," she said.

So sheets, towels, blanket, pots, pans. All those basic needs that families sometimes don't have when they've been homeless and they're transitioning into a long-term rental.

"We want to extend our huge gratitude towards the Gerzurgans and particularly the kids that have worked so hard to get this money and generously forwarded it onto us.

"It's amazing and we're very, very grateful."

This article first appeared in the Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser.

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