Street Swags to provide a warm, safe night’s sleep

The Mudgee CWA Evening Branch  recently  donated five Street Swags to the local branch of Barnardos.

These swags are of great assistance to those who – often through circumstances out of their control - find themselves homeless with a safe, comfortable, warm and dry place to sleep.

In recent months Barnardos has experienced an increase in the number of single people who are presenting  to  the  service as homeless.

And with the recent withdrawal  of  temporary  accommodation providers in Mudgee there are very limited options for the homeless. For these individuals the donation of a swag, a shower and a meal – provided by Barnardos - goes a long way to help improve someone’s
outlook on life. The Mudgee branch of Barnardos is located at 119 Church Street.

(This article was first published in the Mudgee Guardian and Gulgong Advertiser.)