Rewarding job: Leah Burns is enjoying the experience of being a foster carer and would like to see more people in the Blacktown area become volunteers.

Blacktown mother, Leah Burns is a lot happier in her current job than in her previous life working behind a counter.

Finding she had some more time on her hands, Ms Burns decided to become a foster carer for Barnardos, about 10 months ago.

Ms Burns lives with her 16-year-old daughter and is now also caring for three young foster children.

“My daughter was getting older, my niece and nephew were in school and I thought, what am I going to do now?” she said.

“I just felt like, why not? I can. I wish I had have done it sooner.”

Ms Burns said each kid is different, but knowing that you’re helping them out is a rewarding experience.

“I think we forget that the kids that we’re raising now are going to be running the country one day, we’re not just looking after kids, we’ve got to raise functioning adults.

“If everybody can have a hand in that, it’s going to make it that much better.”

Ms Burns said her family have welcomed the foster children into their lives, and they are now a part of the family as well.

“My daughter, she loves them, and she gets something from seeing them everyday and my niece and nephew get quite close to all of them. “I didn’t even think about the advantages to the other kids in the family until I started doing it and I started seeing them interact with them and they get something from it as well.”

(This article first appeared in the Blacktown Sun and was written by Patrick Fahy.)