Adrian Cattanach

Adrian Cattanach ran for Barnardos Australia in this month's Canberra Fun Run, raising much needed funds for local neglected and abused children.

Adrian and his wife are part of the Foster Programme in Canberra and are great believers in the work Barnardos does.

In his own words, this is why Adrian chose to strap on his running shoes and sweat it out for Barnardos.

My wife and I came to live in Australia two years ago and we were both blown away by the country and the fantastic opportunities for families here. We decided that this was the best place in the world to raise children.

We were introduced to Barnardos and saw that there are so many children in need of a safe and loving home – some for maybe a day and some for long term care. We decided to apply to become Foster Carers as we felt we were able to make a difference to a little persons’ life.  A happy childhood can easily be taken for granted, some children don’t have that luxury.  We are now active Carers and the whole process is extremely rewarding when you can see the delight on a child’s face when you can give them a happy time for as long as it may be.

I decided to do the Canberra Times fun run to raise awareness about the fabulous work Barnardos do and the need for more foster carers.  I have to say that the best bit was getting to that finishing line and seeing my wife and foster child waving and shouting with excitement to me. Wow! You can’t get much better than that.