Your support will change the lives of the vulnerable Australian children.

Our child sponsor program

For most of us, childhood was the easiest part of our lives, but for thousands of Australian children it can actually be the hardest.

The children and young people who turn to Barnardos for help have very often been exposed to exceptionally difficult circumstances in their young lives – abuse, violence, poverty, drug and alcohol issues, mental illness, homelessness and disability.

That is why we need you

Our child sponsorship is a very special program. Not everyone can take a child into their home to help them heal, but with your help we can support children facing very challenging circumstances change their lives for the better.

As a child sponsor you will follow the progress of a real child who represents thousands of others receiving support from Barnardos programs. You will hear about the real events in their life and the real issues they face. You’ll receive updates from their Barnardos case worker and as you follow their progress you will be able to see the positive impact you are having on their life.

Your support can help give a child:


  • A dedicated case worker to provide one-to-one emotional support, advice and guidance.
  • The chance to recover from their past and understand this is not their fault through, grief and trauma counselling, support groups and group therapy.
  • Access to services that help transform children’s lives such as homework and tutoring support, mentoring and life skills.
  • Best of all, it means we can offer them support for as long as they need us.

Join our child sponsor program today - your support will make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable Australian children.

Sponsor a child

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