Engagement Opportunity

Staff Engagement Opportunities

Working with a charity can provide staff with a tangible incentive to work more closely together by providing shared goals and a single purpose to aim for. It should be an important element in any business recruitment and retention strategy and is a proven way to increase staff loyalty and motivation.

Staff can support our work in a number of ways to the benefit of your business, as they simultaneously develop and strengthen their skills in team work, leadership, communication and creative thinking.

Barnardos Australia has created a range of staff engagement opportunities that will help your team to bond, learn new skills and provide assistance to Aussie kids in need.

These activities are not only varied and dynamic to suit the desired outcomes of your team but also provide an opportunity to step outside the office whilst learning more about the work of Barnardos Australia.

Each activity can be tailored to the number of volunteers and the amount of time you have to donate to those in need.


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Annalise Wild, Corporate Engagement Manager. Email: awild@barnardos.org.au


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