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We believe in children.

The Practice Development Centre (PDC) is a welfare service initiative of Barnardos Australia that champions guided practice case management as an important way to improve the welfare and outcomes for all vulnerable children, young people and their families.

The concept of guided practice was first developed in the UK in response to community concerns about the quality of welfare service provision. Such concerns were mirrored internationally.

While the related issues are complex and multi-dimensional, a guided practice approach establishes a common framework, language and clear work practice standards for social workers. This helps social workers make sense of what is happening with a child and agree on what is needed to help.

The PDC was established to integrate and enhance the work of The LAC Project  Australia (Looking After Children) and SCARF Australia (Supporting Children and Responding to Families), joint ventures of Barnardos Australia, the School of Social Work, University of New South Wales and principal researcher Elizabeth Fernandez.

In 2014, we PDC released the next generation in guided case management, MyStory.

MyStory, integrates and enhances existing LAC and SCARF systems to bring the welfare sector next-generation technology in child and family case management. 




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