Barnardos Circle of Security training

Participants in the recent Barnardos Auburn Circle of Security program.

All parents sometimes wonder if they are getting it right and meeting their children's needs.

In a world where the media is always offering the next best parenting solution a program run by Barnardos Auburn, Circle of Security (COS), has staying power thanks to decades of child attachment research.

The international Circle of Security (COS) program runs for eight weeks and is designed to help parents and caregivers feel more confident in meeting their children's emotional needs.

According to Barnardos COS facilitators parents and caregivers leave the program feeling more confident about meeting their children's emotional needs while also setting appropriate limits for them.

Barnardos KinCare caseworker, Seema Khare, who facilitated the course along with temporary accommodation program (TAP) worker Lauren Leplaw, says research shows that children who have a secure relationship with at least one parent have much better educational, health, relationship and general well being outcomes into the future.

"COS is based on over five decades of attachment research developed by Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper and Bert Powell, three of the originators of the internationally acclaimed program," she said.

"It primarily highlights how all children want to feel safe and secure, and offers a tool to provide new ways of understanding children's needs and develop a lasting relationship with them."

Seema said those taking part in the most recent course in Auburn told her that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a great deal.

"I have been receiving comments such as 'this should be made compulsory for the foster carers and the parents state wide'," she said.

According to the principles of COS, a child needs to know they have the freedom and confidence to go out and explore the world. Second, he needs to feel assured that whenever he’s ready he can come back for comfort and protection. Third, he needs his care giver to be in charge in a kind way. Three basic needs that can be tough of as going out of the circle, coming in on the circle and hands on the circle.

The next Barnardos COS program will be held in 2016.