This week the NSW Ombudsman released a 10 year report on Familial abuse-related child deaths in NSW.

The biennial report to Parliament concerns NSW Obudsman Bruce Barbour's review of the deaths of 21 children in 2012 and 2013, and a seperate review of 83 children who were killed in circumstances of familial abuse over the 10 year period to 2013.

In the report he recommends that police and child protection staff work more closely together to improve responses to children living with domestic violence.

''Our child deather review work has shown there is a clear link between familial fatal abuse of children and perpetrators who were already known to police as serious violent offenders," the Ombudsman said.

The report demonstrates the need for NSW Police Force and Family and Community Services to strengthen collaboration on high risk cases, including better and swifter exchange of information from the police and child protection databases.

''The majority - almost 80 per cent - of children who died in abuse-related circumstances over the past decade in NSW were killed or allegedly killed by a family member, " Mr Barbour said.

''Over half of the persons of interest in the child's death were birth parents. Notably, intimate partners of birth mothers, particularly new male partners, also featured as persons of interest in one-third of the cases."

Read the full report.

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