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We believe in children.

Barnardos Gifts for Kids results

Thanks to your generosity, every child and young person in Barnardos Australia’s care had the chance to feel the warmth and happiness of Christmas.

Transform a child's life

This is a very powerful way to impact a child's life this Christmas. There are so many basic needs that are unable to be met for children in our care without support from the community.

    • No matter how small or large, your cash donation will help us continue our critical welfare programs. Christmas can be a sad and often heart-breaking time for vulnerable children in our care, but your generosity really makes a difference.

      Transform a child's life

    • When you buy a gift for Barnardos Gifts for Kids you are not only giving a child some Christmas cheer, you are also giving them hope. Historically we are short on gifts for 0-2 year olds and teenager. Every gift purchased, no matter how big or small, is a very powerful way to impact a child’s life this festive season.

      Donate gifts online

    • This year we encourage supporters to buy gifts online. However, if you would like to collect and donate physical gifts please contact us to organise.

      Donate physical gifts

Thank you! Your generosity is the greatest gift of all for children in Barnardos Australia's care.

For more information email us at

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