The Peter Pan Committee

The Peter Pan Committee (PPC) has been directly supporting the work of Barnardos for many years and during that time has raised millions of dollars to help children suffering from abuse, neglect, homelessness and poverty.

It has been operating in Sydney since its inception in 1936. It was initially established to support the Free Kindergarten in Union Street, Paddington. The PPOC began supporting Barnardos in 1974 when the Kindergarten Union became fully funded by the government.

The PPC is a major fundraising committee for Barnardos Australia and over the past decade has raised more than $2 million to fund a number of critical child welfare programs and services, helping thousands of children and young people. The committee also contributes by raising important public awareness and goodwill.

There are two important fundraising arms of the PPC - Peter Pan Fundraising and the Peter Pan Op Shop.

Peter Pan Fundraising The Peter Pan Fundraising Committee regularly runs events throughout the year. Past events include literary lunches with guest speakers Li Cunxin, Lindy Chamberlain, Germaine Greer and Jill Ker Conway, fashion parades, harbour cruises, golf days, bridge days, cocktail parties and Melbourne Cup luncheons in private homes.

Peter Pan Op Shop

Ppc Op Shop

Some members of the hard working Peter Pan Opportunity Shop Committee at the most recent May 2013 sale.

The Peter Pan Op Shop was originally set up when clothing rationing was introduced in Australia in 1941, during World War II. The Op Shop holds a second hand clothing sale twice a year.

The sales feature a huge array of vintage, pre-loved and new clothing and accessories donated by the Op Shop team's extensive network of fashion contacts and donors. All proceeds from sales go to Barnardos Australia. The sale in October/November 2012 was held at Paddington Town Hall and raised $60,000 for Barnardos.


The Peter Pan Committee's February 2013 literary luncheon with celebrated Australian author, Anna Funder, raised $50,000 to fund Barnardos Children's Breakfast program for a further 12 months. The Breakfast program provides hundred's of disadvantaged children with a healthy breakfast before school.

Projects and Causes

Barnardos cares directly for more than 8000 children and indirectly for many thousands more through more than 60 different welfare programs. A number of these programs help children and families within the City of Sydney. Peter Pan is very focused on ensuring these programs, in particular, are well resourced and deliver the best outcomes possible.

For many years Barnardos has provided emergency care, temporary foster and permanent care to children who have been severely abused. A substantial part of Barardos’ substitute care work has taken place within the inner city of Sydney.

Recently Barnardos has been expanding care programs in the Redfern/Waterloo area especially within the local indigenous communities. There has been a growing demand for a range of early intervention, prevention and community development programs. Barnardos’ response has included the establishment of family support programs, indigenous learning centres, homework programs, youth programs and financial literacy programs.

Only a small amount of this work is supported through government grants and as such Barnardos is required to fundraise for the majority of costs. Peter Pan is committed to ensuring these programs are a success through our volunteer and fundraising efforts. Our goal is to work with Barnardos to capacity build within local communities. This is not just traditional welfare – our efforts are aimed at providing disadvantaged local communities with the skills and resources to help themselves. Our aim is to support efforts that encourage and deliver socially sustainable solutions.