In Sydney there is an urgent need for more people to become foster parents for teenagers. Your support, guidance and care can have a lifelong impact.

Here are just a few reasons why you should foster a teen:

  • No nappies required
  • Some of them have never had a family dinner until they met you
  • Because where would you be in life without the support of your parents
  • They will keep you young at heart
  • They’ll let you know when your old clothes are back in style
  • Less hours on the phone with tech support. They can fix it for you
  • You’ll never be bored
  • They can teach U 2 txt :)
  • They sleep through the night
  • Everyone deserves to be special to someone!

Why do young people need foster care?

Barnardos Australia Adolescent Services works with young people aged between 12-18 years. Young people are referred to the program by Family and Community Services (FACS).

Young people referred may have experienced ongoing distress due to family crisis and conflict over many years, or may have experienced some form of abuse (neglect, physical, emotional or sexual).

Some young people using the service have long histories in the welfare system and have experienced many types of care and frequent changes in placements.

Any child or young person from any family may require foster care. However, Barnardos knows that the stress caused by poverty, unemployment and discrimination is more likely to lead to a need for foster care, as families find they have fewer emotional and material resources to draw from.

Contact us for more information on our carer enquiry line - 1800 663 441 or fill out the adolescent care enquiry form.