Barnardos Australia formalised it’s commitment to improving the lives of indigenous children in November 2012 with the signing of the Barnardos Statement of Reconciliation in Sydney.

The Statement was signed by Barnardos CEO Louise Voigt, Barnardos Indigenous Group (BIG) member Vivianne Freeman and Barnardos Chair Crispin Hull, and witnessed by members of the Barnardos Indigenous Group, board members and senior staff.

You can read the full Statement here.


Reconciliation Pic

About this painting:

Seek. Reach. and Solve

This painting depicts workers reaching our into the communities near and far, lending a helping hand trying o reconcile families.

Centre-piece: This contains the board members with the circled meeting places in which they often meet to discuss work issues.

Hands in circles: These are the workers reaching out into the communities all around. The different coloured hands and circles show the different nationalities that work within the workplace and that Barnardos not only work with one race of people, but will all different nationalities.

Footsteps: Depicts the workers travelling from place to place, always on the move.

Weapons: These represent the knowledge that one learns and never forgets and is always able to pass it on.

Boomerang: This represents the seating of the board, discussing ideas.

Buujang: A man of wisdom overseeing all that the workers do.

T. Sloane, 2009

Please also see our Reconciliation Action Plan 2015 - 2017.